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3 Tips For Driving Through Construction Zones

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1: Slow Down, Be alert and Pay Attention

“Expect the unexpected in road construction zones. Slow down, be alert and pay attention to the signs. Comply with the directions given by the flagger. Be patient in road construction zones. Use the “Take 10” technique to change lanes. Slow down — don’t drive too fast for conditions. Drive defensively — don’t follow too close. Keep using defensive driving techniques to save lives. Obey the posted signs until you see the ones that say you’ve left the work zone. Expect delays; plan for them and leave early to reach your destination on time.” States Schneider

2: Minimize Distractions

“Stay Alert and Minimize Distractions. Keep Your Headlights On. Pay Attention to the Road. Merge into the Proper Lane. Don’t tailgate. Obey the Posted Speed Limit. Change Lanes Safely. Follow Instructions from Flaggers. Expect the Unexpected. Be Patient. Listen to the signs.” States US Department of Transportation

3: Watch the Signs

“Look for the orange diamonds. Several of these signs will be placed alongside the roadway well before the actual construction zone to warn drivers. As soon as you see a “work zone ahead” sign, reduce your speed and be on the lookout for workers, machinery, and obstacles.

Flaggers are often used to stop and direct traffic in work zones. Their instructions supersede any posted or implied traffic signals. Their presence will be announced by orange construction signs that say “flagger ahead.” Keep an eye out for flaggers in all construction zones and keep your vehicle as far away from their bodies as possible.

Dump trucks, excavators, asphalt sprayers, and rollers are just a few of the bulky and loud construction vehicles that you may encounter in work zones. Although you may be required to drive close to these machines, try to steer your car as far away from them as possible. Always maintain a safe following distance.” States Driving

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