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Many consider these Eco-friendly temporary office spaces an eye-sore. However, they are an Eco-friendly solution for foremen, architects, and chemical engineers.

These steel boxes effortlessly withstand vertical and horizontal forces. The ocean offers a harsh environment. These seafaring prisms have undergone winds of up to 50 knots an hour, salinized oxygen (the kind that causes rust), waves and torrential downpours, these offices are tough and possess a unique history among land-loving buildings. Second-hand containers make for an ideal sustainable infrastructure resource: they’re Eco-friendly and sturdy.

Shipping containers are manufactured in two standard sizes: 20-footers and 40-footers. Although the International Standards Organization (ISO) regulates the length of containers, height may vary (make sure to purchase one with enough headroom for your crew). It’s standardization of size that makes these steel prisms so versatile, they may be stacked like blocks. However, most won’t be stacking these metallic logs, they’re ready to be deployed. Office containers come with landlines, electrical transformers, built-in flooring, windows, doors, and shelving. Best of all, these sturdy metal boxes can be delivered to your site.

Although shipping containers, Conex Boxes, are typically used as a headquarters for foremen, there exist a few notables usages of shipping container offices: companies such as Arctic Greens utilize modular boxes to provide an uninterrupted food source in Alaska’s Kotzebue, a region that possesses a yearly average of 27 degrees. Moreover, second-hand shipping containers are being deployed as portable libraries, bringing literature to America’s rural communities. A few cities even possess stationary second-hand container libraries.

No matter the project, the second-hand shipping container is the solution for you. These versatile boxes can act HQ or a peripheral on-site space. They require no modification and can be delivered directly to your site from a company like American Trailer Rental.

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