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Roll-Up VS Metal Traffic Control Signs

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Roll-Up dayglow orange construction signs serve the same function as their metal counterpart – they warn motorists of approaching dangers. These signs utilize the same reflective technologies to catch the eye of drivers as they encounter road construction crews and heavy machinery at play. However, the virtue of Roll-Up signage is portability.

Roll-Up signs may be rolled-up and transported much easier than their metal counterpart. It’s not possible to roll-up metal signs without the aid of heavy equipment, and this would render the signs useless. Transporting plastic road hazard signs only slightly differs from traveling with architectural schematics: both may be rolled-up and transported with ease. Moreover, Roll-Up traffic control signs are made of a light and durable material. Durability is essential when it comes to construction signs. It’s said that Roll-Up signs weather the toughest conditions. These signs aren’t prone to corrosion, like aluminum.

Both Roll-Up and metal signs are supported by the MUTCD. The Manual on Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) considers both Roll-Up and metal to be adequate signage. Traffic control signs may be made of wood, aluminum or plastic. Aluminum is the most common material for signage – aluminum may be recycled to recoup some of the cost of road construction. However, these signs are cumbersome and challenging to relocate in light-trucks.

Ease of transport and durability are the primary virtues of roll-up plastic traffic control signs. Roll-Up signs are ideal for small crews who don’t possess the heavy machinery required to haul hundreds of pounds of aluminum signage. Although aluminum signs are less cumbersome than wood. Wooden signs are considered temporary by the MUTCD and should be replaced with Roll-Up signage or aluminum. It’s said that Roll-Up traffic control signs, due to their light weight, are easier to install and remove. A road construction crew must focus on the job ahead, not the installation of heavy signage. It’s undeniable that safety signs are important, but manpower shouldn’t be wasted on the installation of signs.

When pitted in a battle, the advantages of Roll-Up signage surfaces. Although aluminum may be recycled, Roll-Up signs are light and easy to install. In essence, both Roll-Up and metal signs get the job done, but Roll-Up wins the battle, no contest.

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