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The Benefits of Roll-Up Traffic Control Signs

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Traffic Control signage is the primary method for leading motor traffic safely through a roadwork construction zone. In this, it is also the primary method for keeping that same traffic moving safe enough for all workers and crewman to remain safe while on the job site itself. Large metal signs have some limitation, the biggest of which is storage space in road crew vehicles. With fewer signs to transport in these vehicles at any given time, traffic control setup either takes multiple vehicles, multiple trips, or at worst – isn’t the best it can be with the limited supplies brought in for the day. Let’s examine the benefits of Roll-Up Traffic Control Signs.

Storage Space

As mentioned, storage is a pretty big concern when it comes to logistics and safety. As the name suggests, roll-up signs simply roll up when not in use. In this, far more signage can be stored in the same space that used to be taken up by a limited number of metal signs. The same can be said for the sign stands themselves. Roll-up sign stands are lightweight and a majority are collapsible.

Storage Solutions

Many roll-up traffic sign suppliers offer add-ons like velcro straps and storage bags to streamline the organization of the load. At the same time, this offers more protection for the sign themeselves while being trasported or stored.


Much like their metal counterparts, roll-up signs are safety orange and diamond shaped. Another similarity is the ability to add safety flags at the top of the sign stand. Roll-Up signs themselves come in a variety of reflective finishes. Some of the most popular are developed by 3M. Each of these meets different levels of ASTM requirements, as well as different local DOT regulations. Each should be researched prior to purchase for your particular circumstance and use.

High Visibility Materials

Some of these materials from 3M include 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sign Sheeting. This, in particular, helps improve safety by providing higher luminance values at distances most critical to drivers. On the other hand, Fluorescent mesh roll-up signs are more cost-effective but are recommended for daytime application only. And then a material like 3M™ Fluorescent is recommended for night time use only.

Sign Stand/Mounting Options

Roll-Up sign stands come in a plethora of situational options. This can include tripod style or in-ground styles. There are specific options for heavy wind, smaller storage footprint, flexibility, and sign height.

High Wind Areas

For high wind, there a few add-on options to consider. These include anti-kiting mounts, reinforced fiberglass ribs, and center-weighted bagging for the stands themselves.


Roll-up signs generally meet MUTCD requirements, this should be displayed in your product description while shopping. Aside from this, certain states have limited the use of some reflective materials. For instance, 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Fluorescent is not approved in NE, AR, IN and CT. And, 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Flexible is not approved in CA, ID, CO, NM, LA, AL, SC, FL and NJ.


NCDOT/SCDOT have some unique rules in regards to roll-up sign materials, and even the stands used to support them. For instance, 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Fluorescent is currently required here. All of these requirements can be seen in this pdf.

Roll-Up Traffic Sign Source

The best source for roll-up traffic signs is someone who has been in business for a long time, offers a wide range of signs and accessories, describes plainly which materials are approved, is located in the USA, and has dedicated to this specific product line. Safety Products Inc, which started as RamWil Industrial Glove Supply in 1968, is a roll-up sign supplier with the core ideal that they are part of the safety solution, they strive to save lives, and offer roll-up signs at a value price. They have recently dedicated a website to just servicing roll-up traffic sign customers, that site is ROLLUPTRAFFICSIGNS.COM.

They have three regional offices for shipping to expedite shipping in any area in the US.

“Since 1968 Safety Product has provided PPE and traffic control equipment to the industrial, construction and government markets. You can find safety vest, work gloves, hard hats, traffic cones, road construction signs and more at low prices. Safety Products, Inc delivers occupational safety solutions that keep people safe and productive. Safety at Work, Save Money, Save Lives.” ~ Safety Products Inc.

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